Earwings and Millipedes

Finding earwigs and millipedes in your home is never a pleasant experience. They can hide out for months on end and make their way into your home through small access points in your doors during heavy weather with lots of moisture. If you have noticed earwigs or millipedes in or around your home, give us a call today so we can assess the situation and recommend the best treatment and control option for you.
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How Can I Tell If I Have Earwigs Or Millipedes In My Home?

Earwigs and millipedes are going to live in areas where you might have mulch or pine straw around your flower beds or the perimeter of your yard, or if you have grass that’s coming up to your yard. If you can pull up pieces of the side or pull up some of the pine straw, you’ll usually see them in those areas. They’re going to be in dark, moist areas. They feed off the root system and organic plant material that’s out around the perimeter of the home. They’re highly attracted to moisture. 

They will infest a house if we’ve had a good amount of rain because they want to stay alive and get above the water level. They can and will come inside. Usually with millipedes, they’ll crawl up on your front and back porch. If your door sweep and weather stripping aren’t secured, they can simply come right on in. 

How Can I Prevent Earwigs and Millipedes From Destroying My Home?

As far as a do-it-yourself (DIY) type of method, the best option is making sure all the entry points around your house are sealed up as tight as possible. Also with these species, they will live completely fine under anything that is stored out around your house, especially in the grass. For example, the pad that your A/C sits on could have a myriad of earwigs and millipedes living under there and they can easily come out from underneath that, feed, and come inside your house. We find them underneath grills, paver stones, and things like that because they’re protected from the elements and they stay moist.

The key to mitigating these pests is to make your yard an uninhabitable place for them to live. Whether it’s stacked stone or pavers, or even sometimes gravel and rocks in your garden bed or pine straw and mulch, that’s where these guys live.

How Do You Treat For Earwigs and Millipedes?

The type of treatment that we do focuses on these outdoor areas with coverings on the ground. We pull back the coverings to expose what’s underneath and do a spot treatment, perimeter treatment, and also make any recommendations on areas that the homeowner can improve in terms of maintenance with door sweeps and weather stripping.

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