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Protect your home from termites, roaches, and other pests

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Serving the Alabama Gulf Coast and the Florida Panhandle

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or we’ll re-treat for free!


Why choose us?

At GO Pest, we do our best to ensure our clients’ comfort in their homes. We take pride in providing fast and effective pest control services at affordable prices and work tirelessly to earn our reputation for service and quality.

Service Attendance Guarantee

If a technician misses a scheduled appointment, we will discount a portion of the cost of the pest control service to be performed, up to $40.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Solutions

We use only EPA-approved products that guarantee safety and prove to be environmentally friendly.

Highly-Qualified Technician

We have a team of licensed, insured & experienced technicians.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If your pest problem isn’t taken care of, we’ll re-treat for free.

With over 80 years of combined industry experience, the team at GO Pest Solutions has the knowledge and tools to protect your family and property. We have the ability to provide protection solutions without impacting the environment.

How This Works

GO Pest Solutions believes in Integrated Pest Management, or IPM as a best way to protect you and your property. IPM is a straightforward approach for ultimate protection.

  • Number one, inspection is key to pinpoint pest issues.
  • Number two, we identify the pest and the true cause of the pest problem.
  • Number three, we provide treatment to manage current issues and help prevent future problems.

Pests We Eliminate


From ants and roaches to earwigs and spiders, we specialize in eliminating many types of pests.

Why should I hire a professional when I can try and do it myself?
When you hire a professional pest control company, you’re hiring them for their knowledge, their experience, and their expertise. We know due to experience that not every situation is the same. We rely on our knowledge from our experience to come up with a plan after an inspection is done to attack any type of pest issue that could be at your property.
Why does GO Pest focus on the outside of my home when I have pests inside?

Our goal is to keep the pests outside of your home. To make this happen, we do two main things:

The first thing we do when we arrive is perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your entire home.

The second thing we’ll do is treat your living spaces, garage, and attic.

After that, your monthly or quarterly pest control visits will focus on the outside of the home. The main idea is to set up a barrier from the foundation level and the attic level to prevent pests from coming inside. That’s how the majority of pests get in, and forming that continuous outside barrier is the most effective method for keeping them out.

Now, if there are pest issues on the inside and you have a service agreement with us, you’re under warranty. We’ll come in there and take care of whatever we need to on the inside.

Why do I need a regular pest control service?

At the end of the day, we protect people and property. Pests can destroy property, and they can be dangerous to people.

Unfortunately, there’s just no do-it-yourself product you can buy that you can use once a year or once every 5 years. No product like that exists.

The top-of-the-line products we are licensed and trained to use deteriorate after a period of time, so a routine, regularly scheduled service coupled with a licensed, trained, and experienced technician is the best and most effective method to help mitigate any pest issues that could otherwise end up being pretty damaging.

Are pesticides safe for children and pets?

Every product we use has been approved by the EPA after about a decade’s worth of study on each one. We use these products in our own homes around our children and pets, so we are extremely confident in their safety. 

Each product is labeled with specific instructions detailing the target pest, where we can apply the product, and at what rate and volume.

Liquid pesticides designed for use inside the home are not hazardous to children or pets when they dry. We use only a very small amount, applied in a light mist, and within minutes the product is dry and deemed not hazardous.

These products are labeled as safe to use inside hospitals, nurseries, and residential homes.

Other treatment forms include granules. These are used outside the home and are designed to settle into the soil at the root level to target the pests, so they are also deemed not hazardous to people or pets.

Our termite control method, Sentricon®, is probably the safest termite control product that exists. It will only kill working termites and nothing else. It’s also installed directly into the ground and can only be removed with a special tool. 


Don’t just take our word for it

Here are some recent problems we were able to solve.

  • Dan Beasley Says:

    The GO Pest team is extremely knowledgeable and fast to respond to calls. We trust them to keep many of our model homes pest-free. I highly recommend them!
  • Chris Bailey Says:

    One call and my problem was solved. Thank you GO Pest for solving our ant problem! 
  • Alex Huffman Says:

    So happy to have a reliable and professional pest control company who we can refer to our tenants and home owners! Thanks GO Pest!