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Rats & mice can commonly be found in homes along the Gulf Coast. Rats & mice can not only cause damage to your home, but also carry diseases that can spread to humans and cause sickness. Getting rid of a rat or mouse infestation can be challenging since they have so many food sources. Call us today or fill out the contact form so we can come out and evaluate your property to determine the best eradication strategy.

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How Can I Tell If I Have Rats and Mice In My Home?

To figure out whether you have roof rats or mice, you may be able to hear them in the walls and you may see the droppings. A roof rat is what is found down here along the Gulf Coast. There are also Norway rats that usually stick closer to home, burrow in the ground, and are larger. They can climb, but they’re not as good climbers as roof rats. We usually run into mice when an area has been cleared out and their natural habitat has been destroyed. They simply move to the next safest place.

In addition to droppings, other signs could be areas where something has been gnawed or rub marks. These are oily animals and when they enter through a certain area or they travel a certain path over and over again, they will leave smudges. The best way to describe them is oily rub marks. That means it’s a high-traffic area where these things are coming and going frequently.

How Can I Prevent Rats & Mice From Destroying My Home?

Rats & Mice have quite a few diseases that they could spread. We’ve all heard of the Black Plague but risks also include the hantavirus and things of that nature. They’re constantly chewing so a potential fire hazard is something to keep in mind. As far as a do-it-yourself (DIY) type of prevention method, there are snap traps out there. There are also glue boards that are available. There may be rodenticide that the homeowner can buy but it is not recommended.

What Does Your Treatment Plan For Rats & Mice Include?

As professionals, we would come out and do an assessment of the property. We look at it from a holistic standpoint to determine what’s attracting these rats & mice to this property. Are there any fruit trees that are outside? Are there any types of plants that produce seeds? Are there bird feeders? A lot of times when we deal with people who have bird feeders that have seed in them, within several months, they end up having a rat & mouse infestation because of what these things eat. So, we do not recommend people have bird feeders at their houses. Hummingbird feeders are fine.

Our goal is to make your house unattractive to them. Then we remove any kind of clutter, any piles of debris, anything that’s on the outside of the house. We cut back any limbs from the roofline of your house to make it harder for them to come in. All of these things will help. We recommend that you do not feed your pets outside. Anything your pets don’t eat, rats & mice are more than happy to eat.

How Can I Maintain My Home To Prevent Rats & Mice?

For the things that attract these rats & mice, such as fruit-bearing trees, if the fruit hits the ground, just clean it up. Get it out of there. Let them go somewhere else to find food. Clean up after your pets, and that also includes the pet droppings because they’ll even eat that. Also, keep a nice, good clean house on the inside. Any kind of entry point, especially around where the A/C lines are coming in from the side of the house, is a big-time entry point for rats & mice. They can easily come in through gable vents where the screen is just simply like a window screen. These guys can chew through quite a bit. A mouse needs about the size of a quarter-of-an-inch opening to get to where they want to go, and a full-size rat needs about a half-inch opening. 

If you think you might have a rat & mouse issue, we would love to come out there and look at it.

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