Wasps are usually pretty easy to spot but can be somewhat dangerous for homeowners to attempt to remove on their own. Most wasps found along the Gulf Coast are “paper wasps” that create their nests from paper-like materials. Stings from these wasps can be very painful to humans and can cause severe allergic reactions. If you are dealing with a wasp issue in your home, reach out today so we can come perform a thorough inspection and determine the safest path forward.
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How Can I Tell If I Have Wasps In My Home?

You can usually tell if you have wasps pretty quickly. We usually deal with paper wasps and they make their nests out of any kind of material they can gather from the outside. They’re called paper wasps because of the material that their nest is created from; it’s a paper-like type of material. Depending on the species, some of these can be very painful and can cause serious reactions, especially if you receive multiple stings. They can and will repeatedly sting you. Certain species, like the mahogany wasps, are very painful. 

You really have to be careful with wasps. If you’re crawling under a back deck, there could be a nest above your head. Usually, we find these up high in the outdoor soffit and the eaves of a home. They’re seasonal so they usually set up shop in the spring and come back in the fall. They’re usually in the same spots because they leave a pheromone trail from the season prior. 

How Can I Prevent Wasps From Invading My Home?

As for do-it-yourself (DIY) methods, unless you really know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t recommend going after these things because of injury. So, we do not recommend any do-it-yourself treatments. We would be happy to come out there, assess what’s going on, and take care of the issue for you because we would not recommend individual homeowners handling these issues.

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